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Welcome to Perpetual Wealth Academy which is built for the entrepreneur to make rapid forward progress with
world-class real-world strategies regarding business and investing.

Are you an entrepreneur or investor looking for real world answers in building a business or investing
successfully? Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for small tweaks that can produce big
breakthroughs this is the site, and its’ programs are worth your time and consideration.

John has 30 years of business and investing experience expertise and he has also brought together some
of the top national experts on critical topics you must master if you want to be successful or move up to
that next level of success.

He started as a broke college drop out with no background in business or finance and went on to be a
national sought-after speaker on these very topics. John has spoken to thousands of people all over the
United States and Canada all about investing and business strategies.

He is the #1 Bestselling author of two books along with other training programs. See more of his
expertise on the 30 minutes to blast off page and consider investing in a phone call. John will explain
how a similar phone call in his life 30 years ago made all the difference for his business and future.

From world class affordable education to affordable one on one calls this site is built to help you quickly
and efficiently make and save more money in much less time. Take some time and explore the site and
then take action by investing in yourself in either a top-quality educational program and/or get your
most important questions together and sign up for a “30 minutes to blast off” call with John.
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