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John was asked a question 30 years ago that changed his life and it might change yours.

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After you book the call, you will be asked to provide John with your question(s) and basically what you’re trying to accomplish with a few personal details. If John doesn’t think he is a good source for the information you need and can’t provide you anyone else who can help you, you will be given a full refund immediately and the call cancelled. (Please allow up to 72 hours to review your call request)

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  • Started out as a high school delinquent and college dropout and then…bought tens of millions of dollars of real estate with none of his own money starting from scratch with no previous family history in the real estate business. Became a national expert on creative financing
  • Selling hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate as an agent for other people and as the investor  while employing about a dozen people to assist. Team building and maintenance
  • Borrowing millions of dollars of private money from private investors and traditional banks
  • Loaning his own money out to other real estate investors safely for great returns
  • Building Single family homes
  • Building and maintaining email lists for revenue
  • Helps people from all over the country pay down debts at a fast pace with money and financing strategies
  • Built several companies from nothing but an idea and all of them provided full time income with part time effort
  • Started and managed a property management company from scratch and sold it for a healthy profit in just a couple years
  • Experience in the stock market, long stocks, bought and sold call options and bought put options
  • Expert at self-directed IRA’s and how they work. Who services them and why almost any investment you make outside of the IRA can be made inside the IRA for tax free or tax deferred massive profits
  • Expert at qualified plans for the small business owner. From defined benefit plans to fully insured private pension programs. Qualified Retirement plans and how to fund them with more money than you thought possible
  • Consulted with business owners of all types how to create more revenue and net profit, usually by utilizing what is in front of their face but they never knew what could be done
  • Sold millions of dollars of information products from the stage along with training thousands as a sought-after national speaker
  • Wrote two books and got them published (one with a publisher and one self-published) and launched them both to #1 on Amazon
  • Launched a financial advisory firm from scratch and now has many dozens of clients in many states
  • Expert at High Cash Value life insurance and writes policies for people and businesses all over the country  
  • Launched his first webinar series with $50,000 of sales the first night at launch and went on to sell over $300,000 in product the next 4 months
  • Help people dramatically cut income taxes and even eliminate capital gains taxes legally
  • Help set up qualified retirement accounts showing people how to have check book control of their retirement money
  • Created multiple income streams stemming from the first core business idea
  • Invested over $300,000 in his own education through books, tapes, cd’s, seminars, and any other thing he felt could give him the edge
  • Was a sales trainer for one biggest real estate franchises in the world
  • Suffered through some flops that taught me almost as much as my successes. If I already made the mistake you don’t have to make it again
  • Went from the penthouse to almost the outhouse in 2008 when everything collapsed. I wouldn’t say it then, but I can say it now, it turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise for me and my family. Thankfully due to solid financial strategies and multiple income streams we weathered the storm
  • Got taken advantage of by a partner and someone I considered a friend which caused me to reinvent myself. Living well is the best revenge
  • Lost money on one house after I got too cocky and arrogant to listen to my inner voice telling me to stay away from the deal. That flop lead me to a greater success that I wouldn’t have had without the flop. Youth is wasted on the young

The experiences above are real and if you would like to pick John’s brain then invest in yourself and your future and click here to set up your “30 minutes to blast off call” It will be the best $500.00 you have ever spent and 30 minutes that might change your future in an incredibly positive direction. We will also prescreen your topic to make sure we can help and you have a money back guarantee after our call if you aren't satisfied

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