The Financial System you have been Taught since you were 10 years old is designed to pick your pockets in favor of Banks, Corporations, and Wall Street. You are Unknowingly Bleeding Money every
Month; Year after Year and you are letting it
Happen Without a Fight.


Find out what Banks, Corporations, and Wall Street don’t want you to know so you can create a far wealthier future for you and your family. Read the following ONLY
if you want to take control of your own money and create tax free generational wealth.

Hello, my name is John Jamieson and I am the two time #1 Bestselling author of “The Perpetual Wealth System” and my most recent title “Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds”. I spend most of my time teaching people how they can rip control back of their financial futures out of the greedy hands of Wall Street and Banks.

I started in the real estate investment business when I bought my first property at 21 years of age and went on to buy tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate along with starting and growing several other businesses simultaneously.

I was so fortunate to decide years ago to grab all the high-quality information from successful people I could lay my hands on. Over those years I have invested well over $250,000 of my own money into trainings, seminars, home study courses, books etc.

Someone told me years ago to pay more attention to a man’s library and less to his car and television. It is amazing to me how many people haven’t invested in their knowledge at all since they left school regardless of how far they went in formal school.

That knowledge combined with an action plan has generated me millions of dollars in personal income but even more important than that is a life by design rather than happenstance.

Some of that training also showed me how I had been taken advantage of by banks, Wall Street, and major corporations most of my life and I didn’t even realize it!

This was even after some of the best training available in the world by top experts. I didn’t even know I was being robbed and I bet most of you don’t either.

You see, the traditional financial model of borrowing money from banks and putting your cash with Wall Street that we have all been taught is a model designed by Wall Street and Banks.

So, who do you think that system favors? It isn’t you and me that’s for sure! The people that set up that system have insured themselves never ending wealth at the expense of many hard-working Americans.

It is a system designed to keep you indebted to outside creditors while tying up your money with Wall Street (mostly through your fee and rules top heavy 401k) for decades and they have brainwashed us so bad that tens of millions of Americans volunteer for this financial bondage.


Every penny of that cash flow you create is under constant assault by what I refer to as “4 main wealth drains” and those are:

  1. Taxes of all kinds from income, sales, capital gains, tax and so much more. It is a crime what we have allowed politicians to do to our wealth at every level by constant and never-ending taxes

  2. Interest and fees paid to banks. Even with low interest rates (now not as low as they were for sure) it seems we never actually pay anything off so there is a constant outgoing stream of income to pay debts to banks

  3. Market losses from investments such as stocks and Real Estate. Even during a strong bull market, we are only one event away from a 50% or more downturn and some of those downturns can last a decade or even longer if the downturn is for reasons more structural than just short-term economics and corrections. If one of those severe downturns happens when you are with in years of or already in retirement it can be devastating to your entire life and destroy your retirement plans

  4. Last but certainly not least, but most least considered is depreciation on every item we buy but especially big items like automobiles, equipment, appliances, and electronics. Did you know the average American will spend (which means lose) far more money on automobiles than they are ever able to save for retirement? It is very true.

If you want to see what these 4 wealth drains have done to you do this simple exercise. Add up all the payments you have paid out during your lifetime on everything you ever made payments on from cars, houses, credit cards, student loans, etc.

Then….. double that figure.

So, let’s keep math simple and say you have paid out $500,000 in payments and if you doubled that figure, it would be $1,000,000. Why do we have to double the total payments figure John?

Because if you could have maintained control of those payments and could have had those payments even earn a decent rate of interest that money would have easily doubled once and probably two or three times depending on your age.

Let’s be conservative and say the money only doubled once time. Now that you have that figure, compare that figure to how much money you have saved for retirement.

Many of your might have $150,000 saved for retirement which is a far cry from the money you have paid out of your cash flow. Would you prefer $150,000 in cash or $1,000,000 in cash? This is almost an IQ test. If you said the $150,000…check your IQ.

What if you could start reducing the money that goes out in payments and start redirecting that cash flow to your own private bank? What if that saved cash flow could then start compounding tax free for life inside your own private bank where you had total control of that money and could get at it easily and with no fees or penalties?

Then what if you could strategically use that money as it accrues to invest in other cash producing assets that would increase your income and net worth at the same time?

What I just described is not only possible but is being done by hundreds of thousands of savvy Americans all over the country. It is a system of money I call “Perpetual Financing” and I would like you to consider adopting this superior way of handling cash flow and creating tax free generational wealth.

Simply put; everyone should have their own bank or “ perpetual financing system” and use it strategically for decades and then into the next generations. Once you have accepted this fact then the only question becomes where do I form this bank?

Could I just do it in a checking or savings account? In theory yes you could but that would be far from optimal and by using an old-style bank account you rob yourself of a dozen other benefits you could be receiving.

If you want to grow and protect wealth for generations to come then you must study how the famous family dynasties have been doing it for their families for generations.

One of the major ways famous names like Rockefellers, Vanderbilt’s, and Kennedys have grown and protected wealth for generations is with a little known and less understood financial product. That product is called………

“Immediate high cash value whole life insurance”

The rich families, banks, and corporations have been using this little-known product for well over a century to grow and protect wealth. I would submit to you that if it has been good enough for them that maybe they have figured out something you were never taught?

Immediate high cash life insurance should be one of your major asset classes because it has enough benefits to get all of the big players mentioned above excited. You can use the exact same strategies banks have been using for centuries just on a smaller scale.

What are the reasons Banks, Corporations, and the Kennedys have been using immediate high cash value life insurance for many years?

  1. Large immediate cash values available for your use (very different from traditional whole life insurance that takes many years to accumulate much cash value)

  2. Principal protection for your cash value (account can’t go backward with the market)

  3. Guaranteed tax-free growth (your money will compound forward every year)

  4. Tax free dividends paid out tax free on top of the guaranteed growth rate

  5. Your large cash value is available to you to use anyway you see fit via policy loans or withdrawals (perhaps to start being your own bank and creating cash flows back to the policy on a tax-free basis?) Remember all the money we lose on cars? What if we were our own bank and financed our own cars? Not just pay cash and let the money disappear inside the car but actually treated that money like we were a real bank and collected a real payment back from the borrower (who happens to be us) I'll show you exactly how this works.

  6. Cash value is asset protected (always consult with an attorney who specializes in asset protection)

  7. Recapture interest and depreciation you lose on cars and other items described above automatically creating tax free generational wealth

  8. Easy access to the cash value with no penalty, no tax, and no restrictions. (regardless of your credit or employment situation)

  9. Flexible contributions and flexible payment modes. More during good times and less or none during slower times. Pay in annually, semi annually, quarterly, monthly, or a combination of them all

  10. Ability to put large sums away on a tax advantaged basis regardless of your income or net worth. No restrictions based on income or net worth. Put six or seven figures away every year if you wish or a few thousands dollars depending on your personal circumstances

  11. Cash value is all tax free during your lifetime and the death benefit is tax free after your lifetime to your heirs or important causes

  12. When you take policy loans you are in charge of how they get paid back or even if you pay them back during your lifetime. No monthly payments required and no negative credit marks if you don’t pay the loan back

  13. Long term care protection built right inside the policy giving you the ability to access your death benefit while you’re alive to pay for home health care workers or long term care facility (this one benefit alone makes this a must own product and why some of our clients in their 60's set this product up)

  14. The freedom to use the cash value for real estate investing, making private loans to others, or investing in other businesses as you see fit. No handcuffs on your money as with your 401k, 403b, TSP or IRA

  15. Can act as a tax-free pension plan creating a tax-free income stream to be used at any age you see fit. No government mandates on age at what you can access the income or mandatory age when you must start taking out income as with your 401k, 403b, TSP, and IRA

Find me one other account on the planet that has all those benefits in one place!


By the way if you think life insurance is only for young whipper snappers think again. A recent life insurance industry magazine had an article about why people 50 and over are now the LARGEST GROUP OF PEOPLE BUYING LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES!  

Better than that I will show you 8 little known strategies for people 50 and above on how they can use specifically designed life insurance to provide amazing benefits during their lifetime.

Now do you start to see why banks, corporations, and famous family dynasties have been using these policies for over a century?

Once these accounts are established just look at everything else they could be used for in your personal or business world.


  1. A tax-free college funding account without all the rules and mandates of a traditional 529 plan

  2. Partnership agreement funding and buyouts (unless you want to be in business with your partners spouse and kids if they should pass away while you’re still partners) and each partner can take the account with them easily upon partnership dissolving or business being sold

  3. A tax-free income stream that could be used in conjunction with your 401k, IRA, or even old-style pension plan to provide additional tax free income. A huge asset to have especially in down market years so you don’t have to withdraw funds in a down market from your 401k or IRA

  4. Pool of capital in your business to use in anyway the business sees fit while protecting partners from early demises of partners

  5. Provide a benefit to key employees by setting a policy up for them with after tax money from the business. Can be a great alternative or even addition to a company 401k

  6. Multiply your estate to your loved ones with tax free dollars to be used any way they see fit (or you can control payouts with a trust)

As you can hopefully see now there is no way you and your family should be without immediate high cash life insurance. This is why I created my training program called

“The Perpetual Financing Wealth System” and I would like to offer my more than 30 years of business, finance, and real estate knowledge to you and your family through this exceptional training system. This course is the gold standard in not only immediate high cash value life insurance but also all the many ways to use these powerful policies once set up.

Me and my team have set up hundreds of these types of policies and have clients in over 30 states nationwide.

As good of a training course as it is about immediate high cash value life insurance and all its uses there is far more information in this course that is above and beyond life insurance (more on that in a minute)

I have had the good fortune to speak to thousands of people in every major city in North America about wealth creation and preservation and this topic was so popular I knew I had to create a training component to educate Americans on how they have been robbed and how to put a stop to it right now.

When I published the program, I spoke at major national wealth conferences offering this product for sale from the live stage. We sold many of them and were able to help many of those families actually set up what they had learned. We offered the information in this program for sale at 5x the price you can have it for today so make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

When you invest in this program today it will be digitally delivered to you right away complete with entire course manual. You can start soaking up the knowledge right away and then immediately implement what you learn to start saving thousands of dollars a month and creating tax free generational wealth.

Here is some of what you’ll learn

  1. How banks make their money with the combined powerhouses of interest volume and velocity and how you can too

  2. A step by step breakdown of the broke personal finance model and step by step how to turn it around in your favor

  3. Why immediate high cash value life insurance is one of only 4 tier one core assets banks can own and why they own hundreds of billions in life insurance contracts

  4. Why buy term and invest the difference has proven to be a suckers bet after decades of failure

  5. What exactly is “immediate high cash value life insurance” and how it is very much different from any traditional whole life you may have seen in the past

  6. Why indexed universal life insurance is another suckers bet destined to blow up and implode on you just when you need it most and how to get out of one of these dogs if you already have one

  7. Why you won’t hear about these kinds of polices from your financial planner or insurance agent even if they are a really good at other parts of their jobs

  8. Why your 401k and IRA can be a fool’s paradise and how to take back control from Uncle Sam

  9. Do you think taxes will be more or less in the future? If you think more, why are you agreeing to defer your taxes until later inside your 401k and IRA?

  10. Real life examples of how people are using immediate high cash value life insurance combined with other investing strategies to magnify profits

  11. Enter the world of private lending as both borrower and lender if you choose. This is a multibillion-dollar little known industry that can be a huge asset to you whether you are the borrower of the lender. Learn how to be both with this course 

  12. What do to with a portion of your qualified money (401k, 403b, TSP, IRA) to grow and protect it with no market risk (remember market loss is one of the 4 wealth drains so how would it be if you never lost money in the market again with this portion of your money?)

  13. How to invest in real estate using your investment grade life insurance policy

  14. How to use private lending with your investment grade life policy

And more in this power packed training program!

Now before I tell you the very small investment to own this program my ultimate goal is not just to sell you this training course. Yes, I want you to have its knowledge but knowledge without action isn’t power it is actually frustrating and depressing.

So, after you take the course, we would like to offer you a......

free no obligation wealth strategy session with our team to see how we can help you set up your own customized “money system”

I also know that when you see things online it is difficult to know who is legitimate and who is just trying to pick your pockets. I asked both clients and business partners to write down their thoughts on me and my system and below are a few of the comments.

Praise from the business community……

“John is truly a financial wizard when it comes to showing people from all income and wealth levels how to create more income and wealth without having to depend on Wall Street”—Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“John Jamieson has opened my eyes to many proven methods for building wealth that I never knew existed. Before you listen to all the other so-called financial gurus, learn from his fresh approach.” Steve Harrison, President and Creator of Quantum Leap Training Systems

“In order to grow most businesses, you will need capital. The traditional approach with bank loans is an expensive approach (if you even qualify). In John’s new book, Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds, he outlines how to turn the tables on the banks and use your own money to scale and grow. If you are looking to scale your already successful business and capital is required (without giving up ownership to investors) this books is a must to study as a financial option. This book is also loaded with dozens of real world wealth and income creation strategies that only an experienced investor and business man like John could put in one cohesive place.” -Scott Letourneau, The Business Formation Expert

“John Jamieson deeply understands the non-traditional secrets of how create true wealth. His newest book ‘Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds’ provides the reader with the inside secrets of the Key 11 Pillars of Wealth. This is a Must read book!” — Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D., Real Estate Investor, Speaker, and Best Selling Author

“In the last two years I have sat down with several financial advisers and listened to them explain what products that they thought would suit my needs best. I am not a risk taker; I am a widow, a single mom and a business woman who was looking for a product that would build wealth for my retirement as well as for my children without having the risk of possibly losing it all. The first time I met John I knew he was going to be the guy to understand what I wanted and to help me achieve that goal! John has taken all of my fears out of how to invest my monies. With John’s guidance I know I have set up a fantastic retirement for myself as well as a great nest egg for my family generations to come!” — Kim Z., Michigan

“This seminar was amazing. I wish you had been doing this 20 years ago and I had found you then. Thanks, I can’t wait to get started with you.” — Colin M., Connecticut


I hope you are starting to get the point that we are the real deal, and you aren’t taking part in some never been tested racket designed to pick your pocket. Many have come before you and many say it was one of the best experiences they ever had and most of the people who were kind enough to write us a testimonial letter paid many thousands of dollars to have us train them in business, insurance, and real estate investment. You are about to receive world class knowledge for a fraction of what they paid.
I would like to send you the digital home study course entitled “Perpetual Financing Wealth Systems” for the small one time only investment of $997.00.


For about the price of two car payments (on an inexpensive car) you can be set on a path of tax free generational wealth as well as control and strategic use of cash flows and cash accumulation. Along with the home study course consisting of the recordings from 13 CD’s and full course manual you will receive valuable bonuses at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

1) A digital copy of my #1 Bestselling book called “Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds” loaded with dozens of step by step business and cash flow building strategies you will won’t find anywhere else in one place.

2) Your own private 30-minute phone call with John Jamieson personally (limited availability and can be rescinded at any time based on available time slots) Bounce any and all questions you have off of John for expert opinions and step by step strategies.

I also want to make this a no risk proposition for you so not only am I selling this product for a fraction of its former price but I will give you a complete money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the information you learn in the program.

Updated for 2023 and 2024!

We have recently updated the course to bring the most up to date cutting edge information available. The only things that changed since I recorded the original course will be the real estate values mentioned in the course.

Plus we are updating the program with an entire new stream of videos about immediate high cash value life insurance, Private lending, private pensions, and many other wealth and income strategies.

We are also including additional bonus content that was not available in previous editions of the course about self directed IRA's.

You will learn how to do deals of all types legally inside of your IRA, what custodians can set these up for you, and more do's and don'ts of using your IRA for large tax deferred or tax free profits.

Your financial advisor will not know about self directed IRA's so you better get the information from us so you can change your family's life for generations to come.

So, listen to the course and start to implement what you learn and if you aren’t satisfied just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a complete refund of your money. We can’t be fairer than that because we assume all the risk.
The fact is the information and strategies you will learn in this course are life changers for your family GENERATIONALLY!

Hard to imagine that your kids and grandkids (that you might not even have yet) will thank you for investing this small amount of money to learn how to grow and protect tax free generational wealth.
Your one-time investment to learn all of the above and more is $997.00 and as said above this is a fraction of what others have paid at live events for this exact same information. I don’t see a need to justify your investment anymore than I already have so…………..
I think I have babbled long enough and at this point you’re either in or out. If you’re in, click here and complete your investment and have this information digitally sent to you in the next few minutes. Then my office will be in contact within a few days to follow up and see how else we might be able to help.
I look forward to our one-on-one call which is part of your investment. Now is your time to be set upon a new powerful path.

All the Best,